February Walk and Talk

Get outside and experience local nature in our neighborhood backyard! Join The Trident Project as we explore beautiful Cesar Chavez Park along the Bay.

A Naturalist lead hike will be discussing the impact of microfibers in our local waterways to our oceans, practices we can implement to reduce our contributions and empowering our communities to address these issues.

The event will end with a grounding exercise to continue the day full of hope and reflection for our world.

Be sure to bring water, sunscreen, layers, a hat and food for an optional lunch with the team afterwards. Soak up sun and good conversation at the Berkeley Marina!



Beach Clean Up

The Trident Project will be hosting monthly beach clean ups locally in and around San Fransisco Bay.  We have many new and inspiring initiatives that we will be sharing over the next few weeks.

The beach clean ups will each include an educational component and are perfect for families and groups of friends that would like to spend at least one day per month working toward a better and cleaner future for all of us.

We are using Event Bright to manage our participates and would like to keep our numbers below 50 per event to provide meaning and quality to the educational component.

We look forward to a promising 2018.

Click here to access your free ticket or to make a donation.

The Trident Project

Welcome to The Trident Project, A California based 501(c)3 non-profit with a global focus on protecting the ocean.

We work to protect our oceans and water ways from deadly pollution planet. We are focused primarily on plastic and nano particles in drinking water.

Here’s the thing though:


For Example: A Billion people rely on fish as their primary protein source.  But, Fish Stocks are plummeting.

Here’s another one:  The oxygen in every other breath you take comes from the ocean.

Join us as we clean up our local beaches, bring awareness to plastic pollution issues and bring youth to the sport of sailing.  

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